Production & Logistics

In the “Production & Logistics” category, we offer an in-depth series of online trainings, designed to optimize production flows and logistic processes. Our goal is to provide trainings that not only enhance knowledge of efficient production and distribution management but also integrate the latest innovations and technologies to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

At YOHRS, we recognize that production and logistics are the backbone of many businesses, and the success of these businesses depends heavily on their ability to adapt to changing market conditions, technological advances and customer expectations. Our courses are therefore tailored to meet these challenges, by offering a comprehensive education in areas such as inventory management, supply chain optimization, quality control, and lean management. Whether it's improving warehouse logistics, implementing sustainable manufacturing principles, or optimizing transportation routes, our training courses are designed to give production and logistics professionals the tools they need to drive success.

Our skills platform offers the flexibility needed to continuously train teams in these critical areas, with courses available online to enable learning on your own and tailored to individual schedules. This ensures that each course is not only an investment in personal and professional development but also a strategic resource to improve operational performance and competitiveness.

To invest in training in production and logistics is to invest in the core businesses of the company. Through our courses in “Production & Logistics”, participants gain access to advanced strategies and methods that not only streamline production lines and logistics networks, but also promote innovation and sustainability in these areas. This knowledge is essential to meet the economic and environmental challenges of today's global market and to ensure profitable and responsible operations.

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Examples of courses

Warehouse Management - Advanced Course

Forecasts and acquisition strategies

Warehouse and Logistics - Basic Course

Purchasing, production and distribution

Process mapping

When everyone sees the same picture, everything becomes easier

Value flow analysis

Identify causes of long lead times


Create successful collaborations

Maintenance, service and reliability

Well-functioning maintenance organization