Terms and Conditions

YOHRS General Terms and Conditions


1.1 The following terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply between YOHRS AB, org.nr 559298-6441, (“YOHRS”, “we”, “our” or “us”) and the user of the services provided by YOHRS via www.yohrs.se (the “Service”) and when using the YOHRS' platform and its community and otherwise when interacting with us.

1.2 YOHRS is a partner in the world of work that builds competitiveness in individuals through knowledge and knowledge of the labour market. We do this by providing knowledge through our platform, for example, through a knowledge bank and support, a digital community where individuals can integrate, learn and share with each other, as well as income insurance and education portals.

1.3 “User Account” means the account through which a User is provided access to the Service.

1.4 The Terms are accepted by registering a User Account, or by using the Service. The user of the Service undertakes to comply with the Terms and Conditions as well as any game rules and instructions regarding the use of the Service issued from time to time by YOHRS. The terms and conditions apply as long as you as a user use the Service.


2.1 When registering for a User Account, you will need to provide your email address, a password and the other data required by YOHRS from time to time. You are responsible for providing accurate and complete information in connection with registration of the User Account. You as a user are also responsible for keeping this information up to date and accurate while you use the Service.

2.2 We reserve the right to delete user accounts and/or restrict access to the Service in the event that a user violates the Terms or YOHRS at any time applicable gambling rules or instructions regarding the use of the Service. We strive to provide users with the opportunity to rectify before we delete or restrict access to the User Account (where we deem it possible).

2.3 If you wish to terminate your User Account, go to your profile on yohrs.se and select “Unsubscribe”.

2.4 The User shall pay for the use of the Service in accordance with what is prescribed by YOHRS. The applicable prices are determined by YOHRS at the current price list, which can be found on yohrs.se.


3.1 The User undertakes to use the Service only in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and Yohr's at any time applicable instructions and rules of the game or similar.

3.2 When using the Service, the User does not have the right to transmit or otherwise use any data or information that: (i) the User has no right to disseminate by law or contract, (ii) infringes or induces others to infringe intellectual property rights or attacks trade secrets, (iii) contains viruses or other malicious software or code, or which may otherwise damage or adversely affect the Service; or (iv) otherwise causes or is likely to cause harm or other inconvenience to YOHRS or third parties.

3.3 The User is responsible for ensuring that the data entered or entered into the Service does not in any way violate, violate or otherwise violate the law, offend anyone else because of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or on any other basis in a manner that may be perceived as offensive.

3.4 It is not allowed to give other persons access to the User Account. Should a user allow another person access to the User Account, the user is responsible for such persons as on his own behalf.

3.5 The User shall indemnify YOHRS in the event that any third party makes a claim against YOHRS because the User has acted in breach of the Terms and Conditions.


4.1 The Service is provided as is. YOHRS makes no warranties or representations and makes no commitments regarding the Service beyond what is expressly stated in the Terms. However, YOHRS is responsible for ensuring that the function and quality of the Service correspond to what has been agreed. YOHRS undertakes to provide reasonable technical support to the user during business hours.

4.2 YOHRS is not responsible for the availability of the Service, technical disruptions or loss of data, unless otherwise applicable under mandatory legislation or agreements. YOHRS is not obliged to compensate the user for errors, deficiencies, loss of data or other breach of contract by YOHRS, except in cases where there is an obligation under mandatory legislation or contract.

4.3 Unless specifically agreed otherwise, YOHRS is not responsible to users for the completeness or accuracy of the information provided to YOHRS by the user, or other users, for example in connection with questions asked in the YOHRS community. YOHRS is also not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of misleading, inaccurate information or omission by anyone other than YOHRS.

4.4 YOHRS shall not be liable to Users for any loss or damage resulting from circumstances beyond the control of YOHRS which YOHRS could not reasonably have counted on and the consequences of which YOHRS could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

4.5 YOHRS shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the User arising from the User's use of the YOHRS' Services in a different context or for any purpose other than those expressly stated.

4.6 The User's claim for YOHRS shall be submitted to YOHRS as soon as the User has become aware of the circumstances on which the claim is based.

4.7 If a user's claim against YOHRS is based on a claim by a third party (e.g. authority) against the user, YOHRS shall have the right to respond, settle and settle the claim on behalf of the user against such third party, provided that the user is indemnified.

4.8 In no event shall YOHRS be liable to the User for indirect losses or damages arising out of any act or omission relating to the User's use of the Service, unless such losses or damages were caused by YOHRS' intent or gross negligence.


In the event that you, as a user, believe that the Service is incorrect, it is your responsibility to notify YOHRS without undue delay. Complaints must, by law, be made within three years. Such notification must be made in writing and sent to YOHRS at hello@yohrs.se or to the address Stora åvägen 21, 436 34, Askim.

5.1 The notice shall contain the information reasonably necessary for YOHRS to evaluate the existence and/or remedy the error, such as the part of the Service to which the error relates, the date and time the error occurred, and a detailed description of the error. In addition, you as a user must provide such additional information as is reasonably needed by YOHRS in order to be able to handle the matter in question.


6.1 All intellectual property rights, such as but not limited to copyright, in the Service, including further development, processing or modification thereof, belong to YOHRS. The transfer of rights also includes the right to modify the work and to assign or transfer the rights to another person.

6.2 The User undertakes to take all measures necessary to ensure that the intellectual property rights as set out above shall accrue to YOHRS.

6.3 The User does not have the right to intervene in the Service or remove or modify any content in the Service. The User does not have the right to modify, supplement, decompile or reassemble the Service to a greater extent than under copyright law, e.g. for the purpose of imitating its source code.

6.4 The User shall promptly inform YOHRS of any infringement or suspected infringement of YOHRS' intellectual property rights relating to the Service. YOHRS has no obligation to defend such rights. If YOHRS chooses to do so, the user shall, to a reasonable extent and at his own expense, assist YOHRS in doing so.


In the relationship between YOHRS and the user, YOHRS has all rights to the data and other information that the user or others on behalf of the user enters into the Service or shares with YOHRS and the results of YOHRS' processing of such information.


If YOHRS' performance of its obligations under the Terms is substantially hampered or prevented by a circumstance beyond the control of YOHRS and the consequences of which YOHRS could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, such as, for example, a general industrial conflict, fire, lightning, terrorist attack, natural disaster, restrictions in the supply of energy, changes in government regulations, government interference, failure or delay in service by the supplier/subcontractor due to a circumstance specified herein or other similar circumstance, shall: constitute grounds for relief resulting in relief from damages and other penalties.


9.1 YOHRS reserves the right to modify the Service and its functions at any time. This without prior notice to the user. However, YOHRS shall, as far as possible, endeavour to keep its users informed of planned changes to the Service and its functions.

9.2 YOHRS is also entitled to make changes to the Terms and Conditions and applicable prices for the use of the Service. Changes to the Terms and changed prices will take effect 30 days after the new version of the Terms has been published in accordance with the Terms and will become effective for the user when, after the version is made available, he/she uses the Service or otherwise agrees to the new Terms or the new price.

9.3 YOHRS provides the latest version of the Terms and Conditions on its website yohrs.se under the heading “About Us and Terms”. It is the responsibility of the user to stay informed of any changes and/or updates to the Terms.


10.1 YOHRS' personal data processing, for which YOHRS is the data controller, is described in YOHRS' personal data policy in force at any time. In order to fulfill the purposes stated in the Personal Data Policy, YOHRS will transfer personal data to different partners.

10.2 If you have any questions about YOHRS' processing of personal data, please contact YOHRS customer service.


11.1 YOHRS has the right to assign the Service, including all related rights and obligations, to third parties. YOHRS is also entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under the Terms to a company within the same group as YOHRS.

11.2 Should any provision of the Terms, or any part thereof, be found to be invalid, this shall not mean that the other parts of the Terms are invalid.

11.3 Swedish law shall apply to the Terms. Disputes arising out of the Terms or the use of the Service shall be finally settled by a general court. If you have a complaint or problem with the Service and have not been able to resolve the complaint or problem (or dispute regarding the problem) with us, you can submit your complaint to the EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR Platform). The ODR platform offers consumers and traders in the EU an opportunity to seek out-of-court settlement of disputes over complaints about services purchased online. By using the ODR platform, you as a consumer can find a dispute resolution body for your complaints. The ODR platform can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.sho W&lng=en


12.1 If you have questions about the Terms and Conditions or the Service, please contact YOHRS at: hello@yohrs.se

12.2 Other contact information: Name: YOHRS AB Registration number: 559298-6441 Telephone number: +46 73-527 35 25 Address: Stora åvägen 21, 436 34, Askim



1.1 This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) describes how YOHRS AB, org.nr: 559298-6441, (“YOHRS”, “we”, “our”, “our” or “us”) processes personal data in connection with the provision of the services provided through our website yohrs.se (the “Service”) and when using our website yohrs.se as well as in rich when you interact with us.

1.2 The Policy describes, among other things, how we collect, disclose and store personal data and how we work to ensure that such personal data is processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

1.3 Unless otherwise stated below, YOHRS is the data controller in relation to the processing of personal data described in the Policy. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that the processing of personal data for which we are the controller is carried out in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

1.4 Terms used in the Policy shall have the same meaning as in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).


2.1 Within the framework of the provision of the Service, we process the following categories of personal data: i) Name, ii) First and last name, iii) Address, iv) Telephone number, v) Email address, vi) Employment data, such as salary and position, vii) IP address, and viii) Personal identity number.

2.2 Other categories of personal data than those listed above may also be processed by us, including in connection with support matters. The exact personal data we will process also depends on what you choose to share with us.

2.3 As a starting point, the personal data we process will be collected directly from you. However, there are situations in which we may collect personal data from third parties, such as colleges/universities, insurance companies and education companies.


We process personal data for the following purposes:

3.1 To provide the Service

3.1.1 We process personal data in order to provide the Service to our users, e.g. to create user accounts, answer questions, provide our platform, etc. The personal data processed for this purpose are name, social security number, email address, salary details and position.

3.1.2 The legal basis for this processing is the contract between us and our users. The processing of personal data for this purpose is therefore necessary for us to be able to fulfill the agreements we enter into with our users.

3.1.3 The personal data processed for this purpose are collected from our users or from our partners (e.g. colleges/universities, insurance companies and education companies). We store the personal data in question for such a period as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the personal data is processed. However, we aim not to store personal data for this purpose for longer than two (2) months after the termination of the user relationship, provided that a longer storage period is not required due to mandatory legislation. YOHRS may also store the personal data for a longer period of time if it is necessary for YOHRS to defend itself against possible legal claims from users or others.

3.2 To develop and improve the Service

3.2.1 We process personal data in connection with your visit to our website yohrs.se, for example by collecting information about which pages you visit and how you use our website and the Service.

3.2.2 The legal basis for the processing of personal data for this purpose is our legitimate interest in developing and improving the Service and our website.

3.2.3 The personal data processed for this purpose is collected directly from the person who uses our website or otherwise interacts with us. We store the personal data for a period of two (2) months from the time you last visited our website or last interacted with us.

3.3 To provide support

3.3.1 We process personal data for the purpose of providing support to our users and others. The personal data processed for this purpose depends on the specific case, as well as the personal data you choose to share with us.

3.3.2 The legal basis for the processing of personal data for this purpose is our legitimate interest in providing support related to the Service.

3.3.3 The personal data processed for this purpose are collected directly from the data subject. We process personal data for this purpose for such period as is necessary to handle the matter in question, however we aim to delete the personal data when the case is completed.

3.4 For marketing and communication about upcoming projects, etc.

3.4.1 We process personal data to promote the Service and ourselves. The personal data processed for this purpose are name, email address, age and location.

3.4.2 The legal basis for the processing of personal data for this purpose is our legitimate interest in marketing the Service.

3.4.3 The personal data are collected directly from you as a starting point. We store the personal data for a period of 36 months from the time you last interacted with the Service, or were otherwise in contact with us.


4.1 We may transfer personal data to our business partners (e.g. web agencies and insurance companies) and other companies in the same group as Yohrs within the scope of the purposes set out in the Policy.

4.2 When we share personal data with our business partners, these operators are either data processors in relation to us, or they are independent data controllers. The partners who are our data processors process personal data on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. We enter into special agreements with our data processors in order to ensure that their processing of personal data takes place in accordance with our instructions and applicable data protection legislation.

4.3 We only transfer personal data to third countries (i.e. outside the EU/EEA) if (i) the European Commission has decided that the country in question has an adequate level of protection, (ii) the recipient of the personal data has signed a binding and enforceable contract providing sufficient safeguards regarding the protection of the personal data transferred, or (iii) if there is another legal basis under applicable data protection law for such transfer.

4.4 We may also disclose personal data to public authorities or other public entities where such disclosure is required by law.


5.1 We have taken technical and organisational measures in relation to the personal data processed in accordance with the Policy. Where required, we carry out anonymisation and pseudonymisation of personal data, among other things.

5.2 We also take technical and organisational measures to prevent the intentional or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorised disclosure of or unauthorised access to the personal data transferred, stored or otherwise processed.


We only process personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the personal data processing. We do not store personal data for a longer period than permitted by applicable data protection legislation, including GDPR.


7.1 We collect information using technology such as cookies, pixels and local storage on your browser or device (e.g. mobile phone, computer or tablet). We do this in order to learn more about who uses the Service so that we can improve the user experience.

7.2 The data collected through our use of cookies, etc. are the IP address and other technical information about the device used (e.g. computer, smartphone or tablet).

7.3 You can control how you use and manage cookies when you access different websites. Most browsers allow you to delete all stored cookies or block cookies from being stored on your computer. Since cookies are used to optimize your experience on websites, deleting or blocking them may result in limited functionality and/or reduced performance of the web pages you visit. (i) For more detailed information on managing cookies, please visit: https://pts.se/sv/privat/internet/integritet/kakor-cookies/ (ii) For information on behavioural advertising please visit: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/se/ (iii) For more information on online marketing: https://www.networkadvertising.org/faq


8.1 Under applicable data protection legislation, you have the following rights: — Right to information, — Right to record extracts, — Right to rectification, — Right to erasure, — Right to restriction of processing, — Right to data portability, — Right to object, and — Rights in relation to automated decision-making and profiling.

8.2 You may contact us using the contact details below if you have questions or complaints regarding our processing of personal data, or if you wish to exercise any of the above rights. Please note that some rights are limited by law. This means that under certain circumstances we are not obliged to satisfy a request to exercise a particular right.

8.3 If you wish to make a complaint regarding our processing of personal data, you can contact the Privacy Protection Authority at www.imy.se/kontakta-oss/.


9.1 We reserve the right to make changes to the Policy from time to time. The date of last modification is given below. Any changes to the Policy will be posted on our website. We recommend that you keep abreast of the contents of the Policy to keep abreast of any changes to it.

9.2 If we change the Policy in a way that involves a material change, we will inform interested parties and, if applicable, request that such parties review and re-approve the Policy.

9.3 The last update to the Policy was made on 01/28/2022.


If you have questions about the Policy or our processing of personal data, you can contact us at: Email: hello@yohrs.com