YOHRS: Tailor-made Skills Development

In a world where skills are as valuable as gold, companies need a partner who understands the importance of constant learning and development. This is where YOHRS steps in. But what makes YOHRS so unique and why are we at the forefront when it comes to skill development?

1. A platform for real development

YOHRS offers a complete competency development platform that includes a wide range of high-quality training courses. Our skills page provides a clear overview of individual development and progress. It not only provides insights into where your team is headed, but also encourages continuous learning.

2. Zero Competence Waste

Wasting skills is a crime in our book. With our vision of “eliminating all waste of skills”, we ensure that each individual can maximize their potential. Everyone should have the opportunity for education and development.

3. Flexibility

With access to 19,000+ online trainings, your team not only has the ability to choose what they want to develop within, but also when. Learning has never been so accessible. Our wide range offers the ability to tailor learning to exactly the needs of your business.

4. Support every step of the way

When you become part of the Yohrs family, you get more than just access to education. You will get a dedicated contact person who will be at your service with answers to your questions. We are here to support, guide and ensure that every learning experience is smooth and effective.


By combining high-quality training with a deep understanding of the needs of today's businesses, we position ourselves at the forefront of the industry. At a time when constant change is the only constant, let YOHRS be your partner in progress and success.

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